Friday, November 28, 2008

Promotion and Marketing Plans

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Affiliate Marketing

Our Internet Marketing forum category encompasses everything related to running, managing, maintaining, and growing a successful online presence.

To enjoy candid discussions about business practices and strategy, please keep the specifics out of the discussion so that members can feel more comfortable without the fear that their competitors, potential clients, or website visitors will know who they are.

To keep everything anonymous and encourage open, unbiased and incentive-free discussion, please do not refer to your site by name nor link to it anywhere within the Internet Marketing category.

For feedback and constructive criticism on your website, please visit our Website Reviews forum within the Business Exchange category. To do business with other webmasters in our community, please visit our Webmaster Marketplace, also within the Business Exchange category.

Our Promotion and Marketing Plans forum is the place for discussions related to various Internet marketing techniques and tips of the trade to promote and enrich your website.

Please note that it is against our rules to promote your website here.

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